Juicing with a Ninja Blender produces the same results!

Going through the juicing process can be time consuming. This morning I want something quick and very fresh green juice to drink after working out. Instead of using my juicer I went for a short cut and used my Ninja Blender instead but still get the same result. To get the clear juice like I would in the juicing machine I used the strainer when I poured the juice in to the glass and strain the pulp dry. And voila! got me my healthy fresh green juice with less fuss.

As usual I hate to throw the rind or the pulp whether they are fruit or veggies because they are pack with vitamins and fiber. So I toss the rind of my greens this morning in to the blender add plain greek yogurt and some cream cheese, lemon juice, garlic, onion, drops of tabasco sauce and blend. The result is I got myself a very healthy vegetable dips. Check out photos.

Have a happy healthy day folks!



There’s my dip.