Hello and welcome to Cooking Rainbow.

My name is Pazzie, a wife and a Mom to our precious dog Prince. Growing up back in the Philippines preparing food doesn’t come easy. We have no fancy kitchen complete with electric appliances like oven, microwave and other cooking equipment we now have today. We don’t even own a refrigerator back then to store our food. There is no short cut way  when it comes to cooking. Without refrigeration, a daily trip to the Market was a must to buy what we would need that day. We cooked what we buy and eat them at the same day. And we do the same thing the next day and the next… It might sound a lot of work but we didn’t know the difference back then that is how we do it. And the result is we always have fresh home cook meal every day.  My grandmothers both from my Mom and Dad side of the family, my Mom and my Dad’s brother, Uncle Dolfo were the 4 people who had great influence on me in the Food and Cooking department. Rice is like the bread of life in the Philippines. It is part of our daily diet like potato and bread would be here in America. I remember my first attempt in cooking rice for the very first time at the age of 6.  add another page.


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